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There is a remarkable surge in demand for Chartered Accountancy (CA) institutes and the best CA Foundation classes in Mysore and Mangalore. As the economy expands and businesses flourish, the need for skilled financial professionals has never been more critical.
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We have been pioneers in developing young students into the remarkable professionals that our country needs.
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Introduction to Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy is a prestigious and globally recognized profession that provides financial advice, auditing, and taxation services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. A CA career offers numerous opportunities for professional growth, a dynamic work environment, and international mobility.

Why Choose a Leading CA Institution?

Choosing the right CA institution in Mysore is crucial to your success as a future chartered accountant. A leading CA institution provides top-notch education, expert faculty, practical training, and a strong network of professionals. These institutions are often recognized for their high standards, exceptional pass rates, and track record of producing successful professionals.
CA, Chartered Accountant

Redefine Success with the CA Institution in Mangalore

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Eligibility Criteria

Course Duration

The CA program consists of three levels: the Foundation Course, Intermediate Course, and Final Course. The duration of the CA program depends on the individual’s performance and the time taken to clear the examinations. Here’s a general overview of the course duration:

CA, Chartered Accountant

CA, Chartered Accountant

Mamatha Rao
CA Inter,

Dr. Ragavendra N Ph.D in Finance

Shwetha S
MBA in Finance